6 Apr 2021

Mother nature seems to be eager to keep us awake at night. At least two night will be very colld this week, implying some work from our side to try to balance low temperature and protect our vines and buds. Beside Valerian spray, we have organized Braze thatr we will ought on and maintain starting very early this night!


beaujolais biodynamie sous les caméras de France 3

Shooting of France 3 channel at our winery

1 Apr 2021

Yesterday, we had the priviledge to welcome Odile Mattei and her technical team in charge of "Goutons voir" ( every saturday morning on France 3) as well as the Michelin star Chef Christian Tetedoie. His Sommelier master commented an awsome manner his tasting of our Cuvée de Florence 2019 and Cuvée de François 2017, wines proposed in their prestigious restaurant. We are so grateful to be supported and...

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Howl at the moon

29 Mar 2021

Because the moon calendar does help us organizing our work, observing the moon is very important for us. Full moon as you can observ in the enclosed picture has to be considered carefully for instance for all pruning tasks. I let you admire the view mixing the moon and daylight.

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biodynamie beaujolais

Spring is at door

25 Mar 2021

Just few weeks prior Easter comes the time for horsetail infusion preparation. The aim of this infusion is to send a verticality signal to undergrounds mushrooms. I also share another sign that spring is here with our cherry trees flowers, just starting . It will be beautiful in a week time!  

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winter work beaujolais

Winter work

18 Mar 2021

Now that pruning is almost over, it is time to check and repair all what has to be done in terms of stake and threads. It is a physical work, but Jo and our trainee Ismael are up to the job!

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beaujolais rosé organic

Our Rosé nouveau just arrived!

2 Mar 2021

With the spring and the sun are our two Beaujolais rosés arriving. Brume matinale 2020, rosé of caracter, structured and Just rosé in 3 Liters BIB , so light and fruity. Both will beautifully fit with all frindly occasions we aim for while the nice weather is coming!

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beaujolais biodynamie

Springs arrival also mean new wines coming!

22 Feb 2021

While the spring is arriving , beautiful 2020 wines are ready for tasting. We are proud to introduce our "Chardonneret", Chardonnay, fruity and dry as well as our "best seller " Terroir du Martin, red, fruity and delicate. These wines are ideal to enjoy first sunny days with friends!

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9 Feb 2021

The cuvée de François offers silky tannins and delicate fruity aromas displayed with elegance. This wine has also been approved by the newly set up organization defending natural wines. This group has been set up to define clear specifications for this description and its related methodology. Considering the number of misuses hence misunderstanding of consumers, such a syndicate is extremely useful for...


beaujolais live wines domaine du cret de bine

More trees in our vineyard

4 Feb 2021

This week, we planted close to 350 meters of trees on or vine sides. Geoffroy and Florence have been working on this project for more than a year.   Our goal is to slow down winds on our small hill and stimulate biodiversity. We already had trees and installed insects shelters last year. We now went a step further in helping live development in our incredible environment.

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domaine du cret de Bine Beaujolais

A beautiful winter

26 Jan 2021

This winter is beautiful for us and for mother nature. Let's enjoy beautiful landscape!

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