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In autumn 2008, Marie-Thérèse and François SUBRIN went for a radical change: switching to Organic and Biodynamic agriculture simultaneously. Covering a surface willingly limited to 6 hectares at the very start, the dedicated themselves to wines fully expressing the minerality of granitic “terroir”.

Our philosophy

Beaujolais organic wines

Once manually harvested , our Beaujolais wines are mainly grown to be kept several years. We also decided to stay in close contact with consumers through local organic wines exhibition, various travels to keep contact with our partners.

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History of a family which felt in love with Its “Terroir”

Our love and strong commitment towards our “Terroir” have been with the family across generations since 1870. Antonin, our grandfather, started working with cooperative production in 1959, followed by his son François and his spouse Marie-Thérèse. In 2008, they decided to switch to organic and Biodynamic agriculture and created the Domaine du crêt de Bine, taking back the whole responsibility from agriculture, production to commercialization. In 2017, Florence – their daughter then Geoffroy, their nephew, joined them in this new familial journey.


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Crêt de Bine 415 Chemin du Martin 69490 Sarcey
Phone : 0033 (0) 7 71 86 06 24

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