9 Feb 2021

The cuvée de François offers silky tannins and delicate fruity aromas displayed with elegance. This wine has also been approved by the newly set up organization defending natural wines. This group has been set up to define clear specifications for this description and its related methodology. Considering the number of misuses hence misunderstanding of consumers, such a syndicate is extremely useful for...


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More trees in our vineyard

4 Feb 2021

This week, we planted close to 350 meters of trees on or vine sides. Geoffroy and Florence have been working on this project for more than a year.   Our goal is to slow down winds on our small hill and stimulate biodiversity. We already had trees and installed insects shelters last year. We now went a step further in helping live development in our incredible environment.

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A beautiful winter

26 Jan 2021

This winter is beautiful for us and for mother nature. Let's enjoy beautiful landscape!

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Best wishes from Sarcey for 2021

8 Jan 2021

We wish you a happy new year. Health, friendship on top of it. We also hope we will be allowed to share more moments together.   Here, the year starts with pruning work. This is the crucial point of our cultural year in terms of quality as we design the vine and start managing the yield of the harvest to come.   We hope to see you soon here or in fairs and exhibitions.   The SUBRIN Family,...

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We start pruning

We start pruning !

18 Dec 2020

As the winter comes and the sap went down, we start pruning. We warm up in our oldest vines and will hopefully finish in March in our youngest. It is up to us now to diligently cope with weather conditions.

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