The winery is a family owned one since several generations. The idea to move to organic took us some time until friends showed François and Marie-Thérèse wide possibilities enabled by the biodynamic agriculture. They changed radically their way of working in Autumn 2008.

This technical massive change also goes with a deep cultural one. Its means to go back to winemakers’ basics.  It doesn’t mean to move any backwards tough, but to open many and various modern solutions by questioning all traditional and professional practices. It also goes with specific training and continuous exchanges with other agriculture professionals to enrich the whole method along years.

This new way of working also leads us to direct contact with consumers as direct sales in bottle is the preferred channel of distribution to maintain the margin needed to sustain our winery in comparison to large retail chains.

In 2020, we started elaborating an agroforestry project. We are seeking for more biodiversity while limiting wind impacts on the upper part of our vineyard.

We started therefore by installing insects and various sort of shelters and then planted 300 meters of hedges (7 different type of trees like hazels, hawthorn etc.) and ended by old varieties fruit trees and digging a pond. Our place was already known for its bird richness and diversity, we are now observing an increasing number of species occupying our place and some wild animals (re)appearing (deer mostly).

We strongly believe that encouraging a better balance between human and wild life is a proof of quality of life and quality of wines. Our vines are more lively, better defending themselves, producing grapes then wines reflecting this eco-system.

Production bio à Sarcey

Production bio à Sarcey

Production bio à Sarcey

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