The winery is a family owned one since several generations. The idea to move to organic took us some time until friends showed François and Marie-Thérèse wide possibilities enabled by the biodynamic agriculture. They changed radically their way of working in Autumn 2008.

This technical massive change also goes with a deep cultural one. Its means to go back to winemakers’ basics.  It doesn’t mean to move any backwards tough, but to open many and various modern solutions by questioning all traditional and professional practices. It also goes with specific training and continuous exchanges with other agriculture professionals to enrich the whole method along years.

This new way of working also leads us to direct contact with consumers as direct sales in bottle is the preferred channel of distribution to maintain the margin needed to sustain our winery in comparison to large retail chains.

In this context, our daughter Florence and our nephew Geoffroy joined us in 2017 and 2019 for a progressive hand-over of the family know-how. To progress in this journey, they are currently preparing an agro-forestry project. The main idea is to plant trees and hedges throughout our vineyard to improve our eco-system biodiversity. A friend of the family built some shelters for insects which will soon be installed within the plateau. We will off course update you along this development.

Production bio à Sarcey

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